The filer homepage is the activity hub for all users. The page contains the filer information (upper left), Alerts (upper right) and the Form Groups table (bottom) as shown below.

Filer Homepage

Filer Information:

The Filer Information area of the screen contains the jurisdiction identification information as shown below.

Filer Information


Alerts are internal system notifications that are sent to you when something occurs to one of your filing groups. Alerts are designed to be secure, so users will receive an email indicating that they have received an internal alert, not what the alert refers to. When the alert email is received, you should log into the application to view the alert. The Alerts panel is shown below. More information about Alerts can be found here.

Alerts Panel

Form Groups:

Form Groups are one or more forms that are grouped together for submission. Forms within a group have the same due date, are submitted to PTD and reviewed as a group. For Counties their are two form groups, Value Certification (PTD-03, PTD-11) and Abstract (Property, Livestock, Exemptions). For Special Districts, their is only one form group Value Certification (PTD-13).  The Form Group table is shown below. More information about Form Groups can be found here.

Form Groups