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Note: You cannot submit your evaluation until all property list files have a status of "Staged".

Help! My Property List Says "External Error"


The Property List section of the Evaluation is to capture the required property lists required by PTD. A property list is a file containing property identification numbers that represents a requested group of properties, for example Special Agricultural method properties greater than 5 acres. For each list, you must provide an Excel Property List upload file that contains the appropriate parcel identification numbers (Account and/or UPC).

Property List File Format

The uploaded file must match the required format exactly. The basic information about the property list upload file:

  • Format: MS-Excel (XLSX)
  • Sheet Name: Sheet1
  • Fields:
    • AccountNumber: This is the account number from your CAMA system (RNum or Owner Num)
    • UPC: This is the UPC for the record

A template that you can use is available here (and attached at he bottom of this article). Note that the property list you upload must contain at least the AccountNumber or UPC for each record. You can provide both if desired. 

Triadic CAMA users that have an owner based data structure should not enter UPC numbers, only include your owner number in the AccountNumber field. For Instructions on how to export data from Triadic please see this document.

Adding a Property List

To begin select the Property List link on the Evaluation homepage.

1. To upload a Property select the actions button to the left of the record and select "Upload"

2. On the upload page select the grey Browse button and select the file you would like to upload.

3. Select the green Upload button. Note that the uploader is a batch process that runs every 5 minutes. When the file is queued for upload its status will read "Uploaded".

4. You can select the green refresh button to see if the file status has changed. Note that you can continue to upload additional files and process in bulk.

5. Once the uploader has checked the file it will have a status of either:

Staged=The file was successfully checked and uploaded

Error=The file has an error that is restricting you from uploading it.

6. If you receive an error in your file you can select the Actions button to the left of the record and select view messages. The message modal will display and provide you with a listing of all messages, errors and warnings. To remove the file select the Actions button and select the Remove Upload option (then re-upload a corrected file).

Note: You cannot submit your evaluation until all property list files have a status of Staged.