Overview of the Homestead Declaration Review Process.

Note: For a detailed treatment of reviewing homesteads published by the Dept. of Taxes please go here. Each week homestead declrations are downloaded from the Vermont Department of Taxes (VDOT) into VTPIE. The data contained within the homestead declration file has not changed. The Homestead declrations are presented for your review in VTPIE. You may sort and filter the list to review bussiness and rental use, review comparison reports, and provide lister responsess. Lister responses are sent to the Taxpayer services for their review. Once you have completed each homestead the entire homestead declration file can be downloded the NEMRC Grand List.

Step 1: Determine if you have Homesteads to Review

  1. When you log into VTPIE the Tax Programs module will display how many homesteads you have to review. In the screenshot below we have reviewed 0 of the 5 available homestead declrations.

Step 2: Prepare to review your Homesteads

  1. Reports: Run the various comparison reports for your incomplete records. You may save them to your PC or print them out. Note there are several PDF reports which are formatted for printing, as well as exel reports so that you may sort and review the data. Reports are provided for incomplete records (records which you have not reviewed) and complete records (records which you have reviewed.
  2. Filters: When you are ready to review your homesteads you can use the filters to show incomplete records where business or rental use is >0  or business or rental improvements are present. These records should be reviewed first and they should be valued in your CAMA as you usually do.
  3. Bulk Complete Checkboxes: Once you have completed your business and rental use records you may complete remaining records in bulk by selecting them using the checkbox and clicking the bulk complete button (4)
  4. Bulk Complete Button: The complete homestead button will complete all selected homestead records. Use this once if you have multiple homesteads which you would like to complete.

Step 3: Review individual Homesteads

  1. Grand list information: This section displays data from your most recent CAMA upload. Clicking the hyperlink on the SPAN will launch the VTPIE GIS web application.
  2. Homestead Declaration Information:  This section displays inforation directly from the submitted Homestead Declaration. Note each field displays prior year information in parathensis. The Prior year information is from the prior year Homestead Declration filing.
  3. Complete Button: Use the complete button to complete your review of the Homestead Declration. 
  4. Next:  Use the next button to advance to the next Homestead Declaration in your record set. This will follow the filters you have set on the previous screen.
  5. Lister Response: The lister response tab allows you to provide feedback to taxpayer services at VDOT. 

Step 4: Lister Responses

Lister responses are sent to Taxpayer services once a week.

  1. New Question: Click the new question button to create a new lister response which will be sent to taxpayer services.
  2. Action Button: Use the action button to view any replies to your question.

Step 5: Download Homesteads to NEMRC

You will download Homesteads into NEMRC in the normal fashion (same as last year).