Overview of the CAMA Export/Import Process

Each CAMA Vendor has supplied a VTPIE export which includes all of the data necessary to the VTPIE system. The export file is very similar to the parcel file provided with the 411 reports. The exported file from your CAMA can then be uploaded into the VTPIE system.

Step 1: Run the VTPIE Export from your CAMA Software

Please choose the instructions from your CAMA Vendor below:

Step 2: Begin the VTPIE Upload Process

In the grand list management module click upload assessment information.

To begin the CAMA upload:

  1. Click the Add Button
  2. Select Manually Upload Local File

Step 3: Begin the VTPIE Upload Process 

    Upload Step 1: Selecting Your Upload Type


    In step 1 you will indicate which type of upload you will be providing available options are:

  • Certified to Clerk - Select this is these are the values that you lodged with the clerk
  • Final April 1st values (August Submission) - Select this if these are your final values as of April 1st
  • Final as billed values (January Submission) - Select this if these are your final as billed values after grievance and E&O
  • Working Grand List - For all other submission select working grand list

    Upload Step 2: Determining which data to update

    In step 2 you can select which values you want to update within VTPIE. By default select all three.

  • Parcels: Selecting this option will update parcel related information, SPANS, Parcel ID's, and physical addresses
  • Owner: Selecting this  will update ownership information including mailing addresses. If you have already uploaded final ownership information you may uncheck this to ensure you maintain the April 1st ownership.
  • Value: Selecting this option will update land, building, total, homestead and housite values.

     Upload Step 3: Browing for your upload file

    Click the browse button and locate the CSV file you have exported from your CAMA software.

    Upload Step 4: Upload

    Finally Click the upload button. 

Step 4: Wait for File to process

The file upload process runs every 5 minutes. After a file upload is a great time to get a cup of coffee and relax. Either navigate off the page using your breadcrumbs or refresh the page by pressing the F5 Key on your keyboard. You will know when your file is complete because it will indicate that it is "Processed". If you have not gotten to processed status in 15 minutes please contact the help desk for assistance.   

Step 5: Review your Abstract

Once your CAMA update has processed click the "View Abstract" button to view a summary of your uploaded data. NOTE: This includes both taxable and non-taxable data. For 2023 it is okay if the values do not line up perfectly, you will not be generating your grand list from VTPIE for 2023. 

Selecting the actions menu to the left of your upload allows you to

  1. View process status and any error messages
  2. Download the orginal file you uploaded