Selecting the PT-74 form record in the Form Group table will take the user to the form page. On the form page the information will appear a shown below. Note that the form contains no tabs, below on the left side is a pick-list which contains all of the Entities within the county. Note, only the funds associated with that Entity will show once you have made a selection.

PT-74 Form Page

Data Entry

Users can enter data in the form by selecting a field with their mouse. Once you are selected on a field you can use the tab button to navigate to the next field, row, etc.

Filers do not have to type data into forms if their vendor has developed the appropriate upload file. To upload a file select the upload button as shown below.

To initiate the upload process, select the grey Upload File button above the data table to the right. The user will be navigated to the PT-74 File Upload page as shown below.

PT-74 Upload Page

To upload a file, select the grey Browse button to open file explorer. Once you have located the appropriate file, select the green Upload button. Note that you can drag and drop files into the upload field. 

Following the selection of the Upload button, the user will be returned to the PT-74 page. Note that the page will contain a blue ribbon (shown below) indicating that the file is being processed (as shown below). Note that the file processor runs on a five-minute loop, meaning every five minutes all pending files will be processed and uploaded into the system. Refreshing the screen will allow you to see if the file has completed processing.

Upload Banner

Form Completion

Use the blue 'Complete' button in the bottom right hand corner to complete the form and lock in the data. 

Completion Confirmation

Form Validation

Note that the business logic for the PT-74 Form stipulates that:

  • The current year value (Ag, OO, other, etc.) matches the auditors growth form (by county, by school, by tax district)
  • The sum of the "Value" (Ag, OO, other) for all entities within a county, should equal the County total