The DOJ will allow users to upload brokerage and account statements in lieu of data-entry for the MS-10 as of July 1, 2022. Note that there are no changes to the MS-10 import format.

What type of statements should I upload?
Year-end statements that show the full activity (e.g., sales, purchases, interest and dividends, additions and withdrawals) for the entire reporting period.

On the Home Page, a new button has been added under the MS-10: "Attach Brokerage Statement".

Clicking this button bring you to an interface where you can upload statements as file attachments for your MS-10.

The following file formats are permitted:

File FormatExtension(s)
Microsoft Word DocumentDOC, DOCX
Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetXLS, XLSX

Although the upload accepts CSV files, this is not where you should upload CSV files that you are intending to import into the portal to update your MS-10 records in your ledger.

From this interface you can also edit the description of an existing upload, view/download an upload, or delete an upload via the "Actions" button next to each record in the table.

When adding a new file, click "Browse" and locate the file you wish to upload (1). Provide a brief description of the file (2) and, if applicable, enter the total End of Year market value shown on the statement (3). Finally, click "Save" (4).

The total EOY Market Value is not required but is recommended. Providing this value makes it easier for the CTU to complete their review.