The following forms allow file uploads:

  1. PT-67
  2. Factored Growth
  3. Discretionary Report
  4. TIF Recertification

Prior to upload a report, you must be approved for the process. To submit your files for pre-verification, send an email to the following:

Email: Support@axiomnh.com

Subject: SD Vendor File Verification "XX" County (ex. SD Vendor File Verification Custer County)

Note that attachments larger than 20 MB cannot be accepted by the support desk. If your attachments exceed 20 MB use multiple emails or contact the help desk for alternative upload options.

Once your file has been approved, the Upload functionality will be enabled for your county.


Coming Soon!


For Information on Exporting Data from Your System Click Here

To upload a file, select the grey Upload File button above the data table, on the right-hand side.

The user will be taken to the appropriate upload page. To upload a file, select the grey Browse button to open file explorer. Once you have located the appropriate file, select the green Upload button. Note that you can drag and drop files into the upload field. 

Following the selection of the Upload button, the user will be returned to the form page. Note that the page will contain a blue ribbon indicating that the file is being processed (as shown below). Note that the file processor runs on a five-minute loop, meaning every five minutes all pending files will be processed and uploaded into the system. Refreshing the screen will allow you to see if the file has completed processing.

Once the file has completed uploading the blue ribbon will disappear and data will be populated in the form.

If your file does not meet the required format

If you do not meet the required file format, schema or type, the system will display an error message indicating that the file could not be uploaded (as shown below). If your file is incorrect, please review the information and try again. If you need further assistance, please contact Axiomatic support.