The Business Incubator Form reports the values subject to and deducted from for the following district types:

  • School District

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Selecting the Business Incubator record in the Form Group table will take the user to the Business Incubator form page. On the form page the Business Incubator information will appear a shown below. Note that the form contains one (1) tab: School.

Business Incubator Form page

Data Entry - School

Users can enter data in the form by selecting a field with their mouse. Once you are selected on a field you can use the tab button to navigate to the next field, row, etc.

Note that there is not conditional logic on the Complete button, so users can submit this form as empty.

To view reports showing the information that has been entered into the app, select the grey Reports button above the data table, on the right side. Selecting the button will enable a pick-list displaying the available reports. The Discretionary Report form has two primary reports:

  • Data Report (Excel): A tabular report containing the Discretionary Form information
  • Report (PDF): A report that looks similar to the interface in PDF format

Once you have successfully completed your form, the status will change to "Certification Pending". Prior to completing the Certification Task, users can "reset" a completed form to make any needed corrections. To reset a completed form, select the grey Reset Complete button (as shown below). The form will become editable (and will subsequently require completion to be submitted).

Completed Business Incubator