The Factored Growth Form reports the assessment growth by classification for the following district types:

  • County
  • City
  • Town
  • Township
  • School District
  • County Fire
  • Road
  • Rural Fire
  • Library
  • Sanitary/Sewer
  • Water Development
  • Water Projects
  • Ambulance
  • Community Improvement
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

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The Factored Growth form reports summary information about each taxing jurisdiction within a county. Upon selecting the form task on the filing page, the user will be taken to the page as shown below:

By default the user is on the County tab. To navigate to a different district, select one of the displayed tabs. Once on a tab, select the District picklist to navigate amongst the various districts. Note that the "Special" tab contains the following districts: County Fire, Rural Fire, Library, Sanitary/Sewer, Water Development, Water Project, Ambulance, and Community Improvement.

Information can be entered into the form by typing in the appropriate fields or by uploading a file. For instructions on file uploads please visit the FILE UPLOAD INSTRUCTIONS article.

Once the form has all of the necessary information entered, the user can select the blue "Complete" button in the lower right hand corner of the page. At that time the form will be validated to ensure that the data entered matches the validation requirements. For the PT-67 the validation requirements are:

  • Equalized Value Check: 
    • County=∑ (City, Town, Township, Road)
    • County=∑ (School Districts)

If the form does not pass the validation check, a red message will be displayed to the user indicating that there is a problem (as shown below). In that event, review the information in your upload, and the information that appears in the app (and associated reports).

To view reports showing the information that has been entered into the app, select the grey Reports button above the data table, on the right side. Selecting the button will enable a pick-list displaying the available reports. The Factored Growth form has two primary reports:

  • Data Report (Excel): A tabular report containing the Factored Growth information
  • Report (PDF): A report that looks similar to the interface in PDF format

Once you have successfully completed your form, the status will change to "Certification Pending". Prior to completing the Certification Task, users can "reset" a completed form to make any needed corrections. To reset a completed form, select the grey Reset Complete button (as shown below). The form will become editable (and will subsequently require completion to be submitted).