After logging the user will be taken to the jurisdiction home page where you can access ratio studies, support and property review modules are visible. Click on “Equalization Study” to access the Equalization Study section for your jurisdiction.



The user will be taken to the Equalization Study home page where Ratio Studies and Sales validation modules are available. Select “Sales Validation” to view sales for the jurisdiction and year you are in. Note there are links available for the users information.


The user will see a list of unverified sales. Note the second dropdown at the top of the page is selected on “unverified” by default. Verifying sales will remove them from this list and place them in the “verified” list. To view verified sales, switch this dropdown to “verified”. Note: the last two sales are not displaying a SPAN, these do not have a grand list record linked yet, you will need to link one to verify the sale using the properties tab. Clicking on one of the sale records will take you to the sales overview page.

Clicking on one of the sale records will take you to the sales overview page.


The first panel displays PTTR information including the sale date, and Grand list information about the property which is linked to the sale. The verification panel shows Listed values (as reported on the PTTR), Local values (agrees with the PTTR by default).

Clicking on the Verify button will bring up the verify screen where the user can override values. Note that the real property sale price is not editable, it is calculated as the total sale price less concessions and personnel property. Clicking Verify will verify the sale.

Once you have verified the sale you may submit it to the state by clicking the blue Submit button, or use the blue arrow to move to the next sale.


Clicking on the properties tab will show PIE records which are linked to the sale. You can choose to add new records or remove existing records.

Clicking add property will bring up a search interface. Enter search criteria (owner = Smith for example), then select the desired property and click next at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on the Attachments tab will display sales attachments. You can add or remove sales attachments from this interface.


Please verify your 5 sales, adding attachments, notes, overriding values and changing category and special circumstances codes.


Note: Once you have included or excluded the sale click the blue arrow to navigate to the next sale. Recall on the last 2 sales you will not be able to include or exclude until you attach a property.


Once you have verified all of your sales use the breadcrumb menu at the top left to navigate back to the sales home page.


On the sales home screen switch your second dropdown to “verified” to view verified records. Click the “release” button to send your sales to the state.



Click the “release” button to send your sales to the state. You should not see any sales in your sale home screen view.