Failure to enter the correct password upon five login attempts will lock your account. After each successive failure a notification will appear at the top of the screen as shown below.

To Reset your password prior to your account being locked:

1. Select the Forgot Password link at the bottom right hand corner of the login

2.  Enter your Email address and select the green "Next" button

3. User will be taken to the challenge questions page. Enter the answers to each of the challenge questions. Select the green "Finish" button

4. Open your email, the system will send an account Reset link from the address Click on the orange button (shown below).

5. User will be taken to the reset password page. Enter your password in the Password and Confirm Password fields. Note your password must be at least 8 characters and include an uppercase letter a, a lower case letter, number and special character.

6. Select the green "Submit" button. If your password meets the system requirements you will be taken to the login page with a verification ribbon at the top of the screen.

7. Enter your email in the Username field and your password in the Password field.

8. Select the blue "Login" button