All property that is part of a communications system and is subject to valuation for property taxation purpose including Cable TV Providers, shall be valued in accordance with the provisions of section 7-36-30 NMSA 1978.

The value of property that is part of a telecommunications system is determined according to the special method of valuation as described in Section 7-36-30 NMSA 1978, as updated or renumbered. Telecommunications companies reporting or rendering to the Property Tax Division for the first time must make an election at that time to report under the cost less depreciation method or under the unit method of valuation. The choice once made is effective for at least three consecutive tax years. To change after your first election, a written request must be made to the secretary of the department. The secretary must approve the change. Filing a rendition under one of the two methods is an automatic election.

Form Schedule

The forms listed below must be completed for your rendition:

  • Generic CAB Forms

  • Industry CAB Forms

    • CAB-T1: Report of Telephone Plant Value

      • Note: Use this form to calculate the rate per mile of open wire and cable of the telephone plant accounts not determined on CAB-04, 05, 06 and 08 Forms. All account numbers on this form correspond to the FCC or REA Reports.

      • Note: If you have not reported all your property on Schedules CAB-04, CAB-05, and CAB-06 by its exact location and you wish to allocate the value along your system, then use this form to allocate it by miles of line. Please note that if you have already included the property once on Schedule CAB-04, CAB-05, or CAB-06, you do not need to include it again on this schedule. That property not already listed by its exact location needs to be allocated on this form.

      • Note: This schedule is for sales meters having an original cost less than $2,500. "Large Industrial Sales Meters" having an original cost in excess of $2,500 are to be reported on CAB-05 Form, Report of Personal Property.

Required Attachments

The following attachments are required for your rendition:

  • Annual Report to Stockholders

  • Annual Report to REA or FERC

  • Annual Report to New Mexico Public Service Commission

  • Detailed, audited income and expense statement