The CAB-08 to report all leased property (real and personal) held or used in connection with the respondent's operations where the tax liability rests with lessor. Report real estate, improvements or personal property which is leased or rented and for which the owner has agreed in writing to assume the property tax liability. Attach a copy each lease.


CAB-08 from Axiomatic on Vimeo.



Selecting the CAB-08 Summary record in the Form Group table will take the user to the Summary of Leased Real and Personal Index page. The index page is the location where all assets can be viewed, assets can be added, edited and removed. The page also contains the functions to complete your individual filing and launch the available reports.

Add Property-Valuation

To add a new asset, select the blue “Add” button at the top left of the table. The user will be taken to the Add Property page which will allow information to be entered per asset. Note that the required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Once the required data is entered, select the blue next button.

  • District: Combination of County and Tax District
  • Type: Available asset types
  • Reported to County by Owner: Is the asset reported to the county assessor?
  • Lease Start Date: Date lease started
  • Lease Term (Months): Lease term in months
  • Lease Purchase Agreement: Is a lease purchase agreement (LPA) in place

Add Asset-Contact

If an asset if leased, please enter the name and contact information of the property owner in the Contact form. If the property is owned by the rendition filer, select the checkbox (Contact is same as the Rendition Filer) which will disable the requirement to complete the section. Select the blue next button to complete the Add Asset process (user will be returned to the CAB-08 Index).

Edit Asset

To edit an asset, select the record in the CAB-08 Index page table. The user will be taken to the Edit Asset page which contains three tabs: (1) Property, (2) Contact, (3) History.

Edit Asset-Property

The edit asset-property page tab contains the information that is being used to calculate the property value.

Edit Asset-Contact

The edit asset-contact tab contains the information that was entered for the asset property owner. The user can edit the information entered or provide additional information.

Edit Asset-History

The edit asset-contact tab contains the history of submissions and values for the asset. There is no information to edit in this interface.

Delete Asset

To delete an asset from the CAB-08 index, select the record in the record table (if not already selected). On the bottom left-hand corner of the edit asset-valuation tab is a red Delete button. Selecting the button will trigger a modal window to confirm the deletion.

Complete Filing

Completing a filing indicates that it is ready for submission (which is completed through the certification task). Once all forms within a form group are marked complete, the form group can be submitted. To complete a filing, select the white and blue Complete button. A modal window will appear to confirm your action. Selecting yes will mark the form complete, selecting no will return you to the form.