Use this worksheet and the flight schedules in effect for June and October of the latest calendar year to compute flight and ground time in New Mexico.




Selecting the CAB-A2 Summary record in the Form Group table will take the user to the Air to Ground Ratio Calculations index page. The index page is the location where the various air to ground ratios are located. Note that the Aircraft button will take the user to the CAB-A1 form. If there are no Aircraft entered, the button will be disabled.

Add Air to Ground Ratio

Select the blue Add button to navigate to the Air to Ground calculation page. The calculation contains the following fields:

  • Name: Name of the fleet
  • Description: Short description for the fleet
  • Total Fleet Flight Time: Total fleet flight time (everywhere)
  • Fleet Flight Time in New Mexico: Total fleet flight time (New Mexico)
  • Total Fleet Ground Time: Total fleet ground time (everywhere)
  • Fleet Ground Time in New Mexico: Total fleet time ground time (New Mexico)

Selecting the green save button will calculate the ratio and return the user to the CAB-A2 index page

After entering an air to ground ratio, the information will be displayed in the index page as showed below.

Editing Air to Ground Ratio

To edit an Air to Ground Ratio value, select the record in the table. The values used to calculate the air to ground ratio can be edited in the interface.

Delete Asset

To delete an asset from the CAB-A2 index, select the record in the table. Once on the edit page, select the red delete button in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. A confirmation window will appear, select “Yes” to complete the deletion process.