Use this form to report owned or leased pipelines by school district within each county in New Mexico.

Notes/Industry Specific Information

  • Pipeline/Gas Utilities

    • Note: Request for Functional or Economic Obsolescence must be:

1. Made at the time of filing the Annual Report.

2. Supported with verifiable facts and proof.

3. Based on a situation that has been present at least six (6) months prior to the lien date (January 1st). 

To make the request enter the justification and amount in the Filer Comments section at the bottom of the form.


CAB-P2R from Axiomatic on Vimeo.



Selecting the P-2R Summary record in the Form Group table will take the user to the Summary of Pipeline Valuation Schedule for Regulated Companies index page. The index page is the location where all assets can be viewed, assets can be added, edited and removed. The page also contains the functions to complete your individual filing and launch the available reports.

Add Asset-Valuation

To add a new asset, select the blue “Add” button at the top left of the table. The user will be taken to the Add Asset page which will allow information to be entered per asset. Note that the required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Once the required data is entered, select the blue next button.

  • District: Combination of County and Tax District
  • Type: ****NOTE THAT USERS MUST SELECT THE FOLLOWING CLASS FOR THE P-2R: “100-ND – Pipeline Non Depreciating Asset”****
  • Description: User entered description of asset
  • Original Cost: Original cost of asset
  • Accumulated Depreciation: The accumulated depreciation of the asset

Edit Asset

To edit an asset, select the record in the P-2R Index page table. The user will be taken to the Edit Asset page which contains two tabs: (1) Valuation and (2) History.

Edit Asset-Valuation

The edit asset-valuation page tab contains the information that is being used to calculate the property value. Note that all fields on the page can be edited except for the Property Value field (which is calculated).

Edit Asset-History

The edit asset-history tab contains the history of submissions and values for the asset. There is no information to edit in this interface.

Complete Filing

Completing a filing indicates that it is ready for submission (which is completed through the certification task). Once all forms within a form group are marked complete, the form group can be submitted. To complete a filing, select the white and blue Complete button. A modal window will appear to confirm your action. Selecting yes will mark the form complete, selecting no will return you to the form.