The Filer home page contains three primary areas of information: (1) Filer Information, (2) Alerts, and (3) Forms Groups.

Filer Information

The filer information section of the homepage shows the filer name and industry/government associations.


Alerts are messages generated by the application. Alerts can be viewed and marked as unread or read (like email). When an alert is generated, it appears in the alerts table and a generic email is sent to the user prompting them to login to read the alert detail.

Form Groups

Individual forms are grouped together by filing date and review purposes. For this process there are two form groups: (1) Abstract, (2) Value Certification. Each form group contains filer and reviewer tasks that must be completed for the form group to be matriculated through the filing and review process. 

To select the Abstract form group, select the record in Form Groups tables. Note that the form group contains four tabs: (1) Tasks, (2) Alerts, (3) Attachments, and (4) Notes as shown below. The Tasks tab is the default selection.


The tasks tab contains all the required tasks to complete the form group. Following the completion of the of each form task, the user completes the Certification task to submit the form group . 


The alerts tab contains all alerts associated with the tasks within the form group.


The attachments tab contains all attachments uploaded to the form group by the filer and reviewer.


The notes tab contains all notes entered to the form group by the filer and reviewer.