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Upon selecting the Value Certification form group on the Filer Homepage, you will be taken to the Group Homepage, as shown below. On the Group Homepage you will find two forms (PTD-03, PTD-11), and the Certification task, which must be completed to submit the form group to PTD for review. Note that the Status field is "In-Progress" by default.

Valuation Certification Form Group (County)

Upon selecting the PTD-11 form on the Filer Homepage, you will be taken to the form page, as shown below. The interface shows two tables. The top table is valuation data entry section segregated by animal type (each in a separate tab). Each tab in the valuation table has the data broken down by tax district. The Combined Summary at the bottom of the page displays the sum of all tabs in the valuation tables.

PTD-11 Form (Default)

The valuation table has base values and counts populated and disabled by default. The values and counts listed in the Base Value column are the approved, PTD values from the prior year's abstract filing. Users need to enter four values per tax district:

  • Net New Value
  • Net New Count
  • Count Maintenance
  • Valuation Maintenance

The application will calculate the Total County and the Total Value based on the inputs as shown below. Note that their is a comments field at the bottom of the page. This is the area where you can enter any information along with your filing. Note that you will be required to enter a comment if you have negative Net New and/or Valuation Maintenance.

PTD-11 Form (Data Entered)

Selecting the Save button will commit your information and refresh the Combined Summary. To save the information and return to the filer homepage select the Save and Return button.

Once you have entered the data in the form and you are satisfied with it, select the blue Complete button. A modal window will appear where you will be prompted to confirm the completion. Select the green Yes button to submit the form and complete.

PTD-11 Confirmation Modal

After the form is completed you will be returned to the Form Group page, the form Status will be set to Completed. Note that after you have completed the form you can no longer edit it. You must complete the remaining forms in the group, and then complete the certification task to submit your information. 

If you have ANY NEGATIVE NET NEW or VALUATION MAINTENANCE VALUES you will be required to enter a comment in the FILER COMMENTS field.

Valuation Certification Form Group (County)