Process Overview:

Form Groups are one or more forms that are grouped together for submission. Forms within a group have the same due date, are submitted to PTD and reviewed as a group. For Counties their are two form groups, Value Certification (PTD-03, PTD-11) and Abstract (Property, Livestock, Exemptions). For Special Districts, their is only one form group,Value Certification (PTD-13).  The filer homepage with groups displayed (at the bottom of the page) for County and Special Districts are shown below.

Note that the Abstract Form Group Does not Appear For Counties Until August Each Year.

County Filer Homepage 

Special District Filer Homepage

Within each Form Group there are Tasks, Alerts, Attachments and Notes. Each of these items can be found by selecting the appropriate tab on the Form Group home page as shown below.

Form Group Homepage


Tasks are the required items that must be completed for a user to submit their information to the state for review. Tasks are one of two types, (1) Forms and (2) Certifications. Form tasks are where information is entered by the user. Certification tasks are where the entire group is certified and submitted for review. Prior to completing the Certification Tasks, all Form Tasks must be completed. Each Tasks has a status as shown in the image above.The types of Tasks per form group are shown in the table below.

Form GroupTask NameTask Type
Value Certification-CountyPTD-03Form
Value Certification-CountyPTD-11Form
Value Certification-CountyValue Forms Filer CertificationCertification
Value Certification-Special DistrictPTD-13Form
Value Certification-Special DistrictValue Forms Filer CertificationCertification
Abstract Group-CountyAbstract Property SummaryForm
Abstract Group-CountyAbstract Livestock SummaryForm
Abstract Group-CountyAbstract Exemption SummaryForm
Abstract Group-CountyAbstract Filer CertificationCertification

Form Group Tasks

Submitting a Form Group

To submit a form group the user must complete each of the individual form tasks, and then the certification task (which submits the form group). Note that you cannot complete a certification task for a form group without having completed all of the individual form tasks first. The Image below shows the submission workflow for the Valuation Certification form group for Counties.

Valuation Certification Form Submission Workflow