The article below covers the process of creating your account. Note that the credential initiation process varies based on the type of filer. Please contact the PTD State Assessed Bureau for Questions regarding account requests.

1. Once your account request has been processed you will receive an email from

2. Select the blue "Click here to activate your account" link

3. You will be taken to the end user agreement as shown below.

4. Select the checkbox to the left of the text that reads "I have read the 'End User License Agreement' and agree.

5. Select the green "I Agree" button. (Note if the button is disabled you are using an older browser. Please update your browser to a current version)

6. User will be taken to the Password creation page

7. Enter your password in the Password and Confirm Password fields. Note your password must be at least 8 characters and include an uppercase letter a, a lower case letter, number and special character.

8. Select the green "Submit" button. If your password meets the system requirements you will be taken to the login page with a verification ribbon at the top of the screen.

9. Enter your email in the Username field

10. Enter your password in the Password field

11. Select the blue "Login" button. If successfully logged in the user will be taken to the Security Questions page.

12. Select three security questions and enter their respective answers in the Answer fields.

13. Select the green "Save" button

Account Creation Complete