Eagle Assessor has a Sales Ratio Extract that can be run over all accounts in the system, or by an account search. This report can be used to report information to the State of New Mexico. This is a system-defined CSV report that contains headers for easily identifying information.
Sales Ratio Extract from the Reports Manager

1. Click the Report Manager icon

2. Scroll through the report templates, or utilize the Quick Search bar to filter Report Management for the Sales Ratio Extract (tax.extract.appraiser.SalesRatio).

3. Double-click, or select the report and click Run to run the report. The required parameters are the Working Date, Sale Start Date and Sale End Date. An Account list can be used to limit the output to just sales on those accounts, however, if that parameter is left empty, the report runs over all accounts.

4.Retrieve the report from the Generated Reports section of your Report Manager.

5. Email file to support@axiomnh.com