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Following the submission of the evaluation to PTD you may be asked to submit additional documentation about specific properties that were includes in your uploaded property lists. In the event that this happens you will receive an email from PTD indicating the parcel, property list (that the parcel was uploaded in) and the requested documents. Examples of requested documents are Affidavits, Property Record Cards, Special Agricultural Method Applications, etc. Note that you will receive an email for each property PTD has requested documents for. 

Uploading Required Documentation

After receiving the request to upload additional documentation you will need to log into the application and navigate to the Property List Page (within the evaluation). Once on the page select the property list which contains the properties that have required uploads. To access the properties select the action button to the left of the property list record and select View Properties.

Once on the property page, all properties which have requested additional documentation will be indicated in the Uploads Docs/Requested Docs column in the table (second column from the left). Note that the other columns in the table can be filtered and sorted.

Select the actions button to the left of any of the properties that need documents uploaded and select View Additional Documentation to be taken to the Additional Documentation page. On the Additional Documentation page each required document will be listed.

Select the actions button to the left of any record to access the Uploads page. Once on the uploads page follow the upload process to complete the requirement. Repeat as needed.