The Case Overview tab contains all of the summary information and tasks for a delinquent property as shown below:

Summary Fields: The following fields are provided in the summary for users:

  • Case: Case number (sequential)
  • Status: Case status (Active, Inactive or Closed)
  • Account: Account number for property (Owner number or RNumber typically)
  • Legal: Properties legal description (from CAMA)
  • Owner: Owner of record
  • Situs: Situs (location) address
  • Flag: Detail indicating why a record is inactive
  • District: Tax district
  • Transfer Year: The first year collection rights were transferred to PTD.
  • Assigned To: Case personnel assigned
  • Year: The number of years PTD has had collection rights
  • UPC: Property ID with a link to GIS
  • Amount: Delinquent Tax amount (selecting will open a modal)
  • Minimum Bid: Minimum bid amount (only applicable for records in an auction) (selecting will open a modal)

Tasks: The Task table appears below the summary and contains a list of the required and not required tasks for the property. Each task can be accessed by selecting the actions button (on the left of each record) and selecting "Edit". The tasks are:

  • Link Property (Required)
  • Add Simple Description (Required)
  • Title Research (Required)
  • Notification (Red Tag)
  • Notification (Courtesy Letter)

Reports: The reports button is located in the bottom left hand corner of the page. There are four reports that can be accessed:

  • DT-19 (PDF): The DT-19 report in PDF format.
  • DT-19 (Excel): The DT-19 report in Excel format.
  • Field Title Research (PDF): Prefilled, field title research form in PDF format.
  • Field Title Research (Word): Prefilled, field title research form in Word format.