Upon logging into the application you will be brought to the Case page. The Case page displays summary information about each case and allows users to search and filter to find specific cases and access their details. To access a specific counties cases, select the "Jurisdiction" picklist in the upper left hand corner and select the appropriate county.

The Case page contains a table of case records. The table contains the following fields:

  • Case: Case number (unique sequential ID applied when delinquent list is uploaded)
  • Status: Case status
    • Active: Active case that is being worked
    • Inactive: Case is inactivated and has an associated flag (following field) to indicate why it is inactive
    • Closed: Case is off the delinquent list (either through county payment, auction, or completed IA)
  • Flag: Reason for case inactivation
  • Xfer Year: The year that the property was transferred to the state. For example, properties that have a transfer year of 2020 are those that appeared for the first time on the Delinquent list as of 7/1/2020 (in the historical vernacular this would be called a 2017 record).
  • District: Property tax district
  • Account Number: Delinquent records account number (RNumber, Owner Number)
  • Legal: Legal description of property from PIE database
  • Research Date: Date that PTD user indicated that Title Research was completed
  • Owner(s): Property owners

Note that each column in the table can be sorted by selecting the caret to the right of the field name. Columns can also be searched. Values with known domains will have a picklist, all others are full text searches.


Note that users can control the number of records that appear per page. To increase the records shown per page, change the "Page Size" value (bottom right hand corner of page).

Note that by selecting the reports button in the lower right hand corner you can access the following:

  • Case Summary (Excel): An Excel report containing the same information that is listed in the index page
  • Case Summary-GIS (CSV): A text file export containing the same information that is listed in the index page plus the total delinquent amount.