The time tracking tool allows users to track the time they spend conducting the appraisal review. The process allows activities to be broken down by type and time interval.

1. To track time on an appraisal case select the Tracking tab:

2. Select the blue Add button in the lower right hand corner

3. Enter information in the Tracking Entry Page

A. User: Select the users name (note you can log time for other users)

B. Type: Select the type of activity that was being done

C. Date: Select the date of the activity

D: Start Time: Enter the start time of the activity

E: End Time: Enter the start time of the activity

F: Note: Enter notes related to the activity

4. Select the green Save button to be returned to the Tracking tab.

Note: This task can be repeated as many times as needed to capture all time related to an appraisal case.