This task manages the process of linking the subject property from the property information exchange (PIE) to the Appraisal that was submitted for review.

1. To access the task, Select the actions button to the left of the record and select Edit. 

2. Select the blue Add button in the bottom right hand corner of the page

3. To search for a property enter information in at least one of the search fields.

A. Owner: Property owner(s) name

B. Address: Property situs address

C. County: Default to County case is in

D. Account#: CAMA system account number (RNum or Owner Number)

E. UPC: New Mexico UPC number

F: Legal: CAMA Legal Description

4. Select the blue Search button

5. Results will be displayed below the search fields. 

6. Select one or many records by selecting the check box to the far left of each

7. Select the green Next button

8. Enter the Type of Property (Subject) and add any additional information

A. Property Link Type: How is property associated to case.

B. Description: Short or simple legalC. Notes: Any additional notes to be added to the property link

9. Select the green Save button

10. User will be taken to the Properties tab. Select the Overview tab to see that the task is complete.