This task manages the process of attaching a scanned version of the Appraisal that was submitted for review.

1. To access the task, Select the actions button to the left of the record and select Edit. 

2. Select the blue Add button in the bottom right hand corner of the page 

3. On the Attachment screen you can select the file to be uploaded and enter the parameters.

A. In the Name field enter a Name for the file (If this field is left blank, the name of the file that is uploaded will be used).

B. In the Type field, Select Subject Appraisal

C. In the Document Date field enter the date of the Appraisal report

D. Select the grey Browse button to open file explorer (navigate and select the desired attachment)

E. Enter any notes that you would like pertaining to the upload (not required)

4. Select the green Save button

5. User will be taken to the Attachment tab. Select the Overview tab to see that the task is complete