The Case Overview page contains three sections: Tabs, Summary and Tasks.


The Appraisal Case is the center of tasks and data management activities for the Appraisal Review. The case has 7 Tabs running horizontally across the top of the page. The tabs are:

  • Overview: Lists case summary information and task list
  • Property: Location to manage properties linked to the case (From PIE)
  • Attachments: Location to manage attachments linked to the case
  • Notifications: Location to manage notification linked to the case
  • Contacts: Location to manage contacts linked to the case
  • Notes: Location to manage notes linked to the case
  • Tracking :Location to track time spent managing appraisal review 


The summary section lists information about the case. As the management tasks are completed, the summary section will populate.


The management tasks are listed in chronological order in the table (with required tasks indicated). To access a task select the actions menu to the left of a record and select edit.