MS-1 Changes for the 2019 Legislative Session

The following new Credits & Exemptions have been added to the MS-1 interface and to the MS-1 report:

With the addition of those fields, two new lines will appear on the Summary - Totals interface and on the report:

  • Line 21D: Less Commercial/Industrial Construction Exemption 
  • Line 21E: Net Valuation Adjusted to Remove TIF Retained Value and Comm/Ind Construction

The MS-1 XML import process has been updated to address the additions. Users do not need to make any changes to their MS-1 XML export as the CAMA system vendors are responsible for updating their software to add the new fields (See: MS-1 XML Schema Documentation).

If you started your 2019 MS-1 or imported 2019 MS-1 data prior to this update, you must delete your in-progress MS-1 and re-start the process to see and use the new credits/exemptions.