This article is for vendors who maintain software that allows users to export MS-1 data for import into the Web Portal. If you are a regular user looking for help with the MS-1 process, please visit this link.


The MS-1 and MS-1V forms (Summary Inventory of Valuation for Municipalities and Village Districts, respectively) which were formerly distributed as a single dynamic PDF have now been phased out. The MS-1 and MS-1V will now be completed through the NHDRA's Assessment Web Portal. The portal allows users to import an XML file containing the MS-1 data. This article provides documentation necessary for vendors and developers to produce that XML file. We encourage vendors to submit sample XML files to Axiomatic for review and testing.

Download the 2020 XML Schema

Schema Changes for 2020

New fields have been added to the Group A Utility Companies (Electric, Water/Sewer, Gas) in support of RSA 72:8:

  • "Distribution" (RSA 72:8d)
  • "Distribution - Other" (using non-RSA formula)
  • "Generation"
  • "Transmission"

These fields should be added to all Group A Utility elements in the XML structure. Here is an example for Section A, Electric Companies, "CompanyOne":

Field DescriptionElement XML PathNotes
Utility Co: Distribution[Root].SectionA.ElectricCompanies.CompanyOne.DistributionWhole dollar amount
Utility Co: Distribution Other[Root].SectionA.ElectricCompanies.CompanyOne.DistributionOtherWhole dollar amount
Utility Co: Generation[Root].SectionA.ElectricCompanies.CompanyOne.GenerationWhole dollar amount
Utility Co: Transmission[Root].SectionA.ElectricCompanies.CompanyOne.TransmissionWhole dollar amount

This is how the new elements will appear in the XML structure for each Group A utility company:

<xs:element name="CompanyOne">
            <xs:element name="CompanyName" type="xs:string" />
            <xs:element name="Distribution" type="xs:string" />
            <xs:element name="DistributionOther" type="xs:string" />
            <xs:element name="Generation" type="xs:string" />
            <xs:element name="Transmission" type="xs:string" />
            <xs:element name="AssessedValuation" type="xs:string" />

One new exemption has been added: "Electric Energy Storage Systems Exemption" (RSA 72:85) with the following fields:

  • Number of Exemptions Granted (TotalGranted)
  • Total Assessed Value of the Exemptions (AssessedValuation)

Field DescriptionElement XML PathNotes
Energy Storage: Total Granted[Root].EnergyStorage.TotalGrantedInteger
Energy Storage: Assessed Valuation[Root].EnergyStorage.AssessedValuationWhole dollar amount

Utility Company Naming Convention

The XML import process attempts to match the utility companies in the uploaded XML file against the list of active utility companies maintained by the NHDRA based on the utility company names. While the user is able to review and adjust the imported utility company data prior to finalizing the MS-1, we recommend that reasonable attempts be made to use the NHDRA's list of utility companies. This list is reviewed and updated by the DRA and each year.

Utility Company Changes for 2020

  • ANTRIM WIND LLC has been added
  • TIOGA RIVER WATER CO has been removed and should be reported under ABENAKI WATER COMPANY

Download the 2020 NHDRA Utility Company List