The following article is for vendors and third parties who are preparing MS-1 XML export processes with the intention of producing an MS-1 XML file compatible with the Assessment Web Portal's MS-1 import functionality.


The MS-1 and MS-1V forms (Summary Inventory of Valuation for Municipalities and Village Districts, respectively) which were formerly distributed as a single dynamic PDF have now been phased out. The MS-1 and MS-1V will now be completed through the NHDRA's Assessment Web Portal. The data can be manually entered through the Portal interface or, as with the deprecated PDF, imported from an XML file. This vendor packet provides the necessary documentation to produce properly-structured XML files from third-party software for import into the Web Portal. The schema has not changed from previous years, except for the additions noted below. We encourage vendors to submit sample XML files to Axiomatic for review and testing.

Schema Changes for 2019

Three new exemption/credit types have been added:

  1. Combat Service Tax Credit (RSA 72:28-b)
  2. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (RSA 75:1-a)
  3. Commercial/Industrial Construction Property Tax Exemption (RSA 72:76-78 or RSA 72:80-83)

These will require the following to be added to the XML schema:

Field DescriptionElement XML Path
Combat Service: Amount[Root].SectionB.TaxCredit.CombatService.Limits
Combat Service: Number of Individuals[Root].SectionB.TaxCredit.CombatService.NumberOfIndividuals
Combat Service: Estimated Tax Credit[Root].SectionB.TaxCredit.CombatService.EstimatedTax
Low-Income Housing: Adopted (Yes = 1, No = 0)[Root].LowIncome.Adopted
Low-Income Housing: Properties[Root].LowIncome.NumberAdopted
Low-Income Housing: Assessed Value Prior to Effective Date of RSA 75:1-a[Root].LowIncome.AssessedValuePrior
Low-Income Housing: Current Assessed Value[Root].LowIncome.AssessedValueCurrent
New Construction: Adopted (Yes = 1, No = 0)[Root].CommIndConstruction.Adopted
New Construction: What percent of assessed value attributed to new construction is to be exempted? (Decimal, e.g. 0.95 for 95%)[Root].CommIndConstruction.Percent
New Construction: Total Exemption Granted[Root].CommIndConstruction.Total

Corrections/changes have been made to the following elements:

  • [Root].CurrentUseReport.ForrestLand has been corrected to "ForestLand"
  • [Root].ConservationRestriction.ForrestLand has been corrected to "ForestLand"

Note that the derived/inherited complex types have been removed. This should not affect export processes.

Naming Convention Notes

The Assessment Web Portal offers an XML import interface which allows the user to review and match utility companies as needed. The interface also indicates what entity (town, city, or village district) the XML file contains. Due to these enhancements, vendors are no longer explicitly required to match entity or utility names against NHDRA-provided lists. It is, however, recommended that reasonable attempts be made to follow the NHDRA-approved naming conventions to avoid confusion and to simplify the XML import and review process for the users.

Utility Company Changes for 2019


Village District Changes for 2019