The NHTTF site provides dropdown lists of fund types, fund purposes, and fund investment methods for MS-9 and investment types for the MS-10. When removing an MS-9 fund or an MS-10 investment, there are also pre-defined deletion reasons. All of these values are specified by the NHDOJ and are listed here for reference purposes.

MS-9 Fund Type

Capital Reserve (RSA 34/35)
Expendable Trust (RSA 31:19-a)

MS-9 Fund Purpose

BeautificationFire Department DonationParks/Recreation
Capital Reserve (Other)Flower/FlagPolice Department Donation
Celebration/Old Home DayHistoricPolice/Fire
Cemetery Perpetual CareHospital/Health DonationPoor/Indigent
Cemetery Trust (Other)LibraryPublic Monument
Discretionary/Benefit of the TownLiteraryReligious Purposes
Economic DevelopmentMaintenance and RepairScholarship
Educational PurposesMinisterial
Environmental Purposes
Multiple Purposes

MS-9 Fund Investment Method

Checking AccountMoney Market AccountSingle Investment (Non-Common Fund)
Certificate of DepositPublic Deposit Investment Pool
Common InvestmentSavings Account

MS-9 Fund Deletion Reason

Advised by NHDRAData Entry ErrorPurpose Changed by Vote
Cemetery Lot Sold to TownExpiredTerminated by Vote
ClosedFund Expended
Court OrderPermitted by AG Director of Charitable Trusts

MS-10 Investment Type

Alternative InvestmentCertificate of DepositPublic Deposit Investment Pool
Bank/Credit Union AccountMoney MarketStock
BondMutual Fund/Index Fund/ETFTreasury Bond/Note

MS-10 Investment Deletion Reason

SoldData Entry Error