1) Under the Applications Menu select Database Maintenance

2) Select Build Public Inquiry Database

3) Select Rebuild the public database under the Update Options header

4) Select “Current” under the Parcel Data header

5) Make sure that you know the Path for the output files

6) Select “Build”

7) The following files will be created wherever you have the Path for Output Files to be:

  • IMS_ddmm.unl
  • RIS_ddmm.unl
  • RLS_ddmm.unl
  • RMS_ddmm.unl
  • SAS_ddmm.unl
  • SHS_ddmm.unl
  • SLS_ddmm.unl
  • SNS_ddmm.unl
  • SOS_ddmm.unl
  • SSS_ddmm.unl
  • SVS_ddmm.unl

8) Attached the exported files to an email to support@axiomnh.com