Import Types

There are three import processes available to the user:

  • Report of Trust and Capital Reserve Funds (MS-9)
  • Report of Common Trust Fund Investments (MS-10)
  • MS-10 Brokerage Fees & Expenses

These three imports are separate files – there is no support for “combined” uploads. To ensure that the application can properly import information from the uploaded files, the files must adhere to the specifications in this document. Imports are not cumulative; uploading a new file will effectively replace any existing data in the system.

Submission & Validation

Third-party developers must submit samples of their import files to Axiomatic for testing to ensure compliance with requirements.

Submitted files will be validated by Axiomatic and individual feedback will be provided to assist developers in meeting the requirements.

Submissions should be sent to with the following information:

  • File Type (MS-9, MS-10, or MS-10 Brokerage and Fees)
  • Company/Organization
  • Primary Contact Name
  • Primary Contact Email