The application allows users to prepare a CSV file with MS-10 investment information and import it into the application. The MS-10 CSV must follow a specific format (see the Import File Specification).

To import the MS-10, first go to the NHTTF Home Page and click the Import File button in the Report of Common Investments (MS-10) summary box.

On the next page, click the Browse button to open the file explorer, then select the MS-10 CSV (comma separated value) file you wish to import. When you're ready to continue, click the green "Continue"  button.

The next page may be the "Import Review Errors" page, which will show you a summary of records that cannot be imported with a reason as to why. It's suggested that you exit the import process, correct the errors in your CSV file, and then trying the import process again. Click "Cancel" to return to the previous page, or "Continue"  to move on to the next step.

On the next page, the system will attempt to match each line in the imported CSV file (in the column on the far right called “Import Matching Options”) with an existing Investment in the ledger. Investments are matched based on their names. Unmatched records will have a red exclamation point to indicate that they were not matched. Users have three options for unmatched investments:

  • Indicate the investment was closed
  • Indicate that there is no match and the investment should be manually updated
  • There is a match for the record in the drop down menu

Use the drop down menu in the Import Matching Options column to choose the appropriate option for each unmatched record.

Click "Cancel" to return to the previous page, or click "Continue"  to move on to the next step.

If one of the options you chose during the "Import Matching" phase of the process was "Sold/Closed", the next page will require that you indicate both a Reason and a Note describing why the record was sold or closed.

Click "Cancel" to return to the previous page, or click "Continue"  to move on to the next step.

Finally, the next page will display a summary of the import, including how many New Records will be imported, how many Matched Records there are, and finally, the number of Deleted Records. 

You can now Export the MS-10, which is recommended. To do so, click the "MS-10 Export" drop-down button and then click the "CSV" form option. A copy of the MS-10 will automatically begin downloading onto your device.

When you've completed the MS-10 Import process, you can click the green "Complete Import" button, which will return you to the Home page where a notification will indicate that the import was successful.