First-Time Users

To log in to the portal, you will first need an account. You can request an account from us by opening a new ticket or by sending an email to with your full name, your position, and the town(s) you need access to. If another trustee or town employee has an account in the portal, we recommend contacting them, first, as they may be able to assist you. Once we verify your request, we'll create the account and you'll receive an activation email.

Account Activation

Use the link in the email you receive to activate your account. After agreeing to the End User License Agreement (EULA), you will set a password for the account, after which you'll log in for the first time. The portal will then ask you to choose your security questions. Remember your answers! If you ever need to reset your password, you'll need to know them!

If you have trouble with the activation process or logging in for the first time, please send us a support ticket.

Some users with certain versions of the Safari web browser on Mac OS X have reported issues with the EULA agreement step of the process. If you run into a problem, please try a different browser or contact our support team.