If you forgot your password, the easiest way to set a new one is to click the blue "Forgot Password" link, located at the bottom right of the Login box of the Login screen.

Clicking this will send you to a new page asking you to confirm your email address (you will need to use the same email address you're using for the NHTTF site).

Click the green "Submit"  button to be taken to the next page, where you will be asked to answer the three questions you were initially asked to set during your account setup process, or click to yellow "Cancel"  button to discard.

Select the green "Save"  button to receive an email from the system with a link to reset your password, or click to yellow "Cancel"  button to discard.

In your email client, look for an email from "support@axiomnh.com" called "Reset Password" (It may take a few minutes for the email to show up in your inbox. Be sure to check either your Spam or Junk box if you still don't see it in your primary inbox). In the email, select the orange "Click Here to Reset Password"  button to be taken to a new page in the system with an interface to enter and confirm a new password for your account.

When completed, click the green "Submit" button to reset your password and be taken back to the Login page. Enter your new password to be sent to the Home Page.