To register a new user, first get to the Utilities page by clicking the "Utilities"  link on the primary navigation menu, then by clicking the blue "User Management" Link, and on the User Management interface, click the blue "Register New User" link.

It is required that you at least provide the new user's Email (and to Confirm that Email), First Name, and Last Name. The rest of the user's profile information is optional, and can be completed by the user later on.

To Save the new user's information and be brought to the Assigned Groups & Roles interface, click the green "Save"  button. To discard your changes, click the yellow "Cancel"  button. Clicking "Save" at this stage will send an email to the Email you entered into the new user information, where the user can activate their new account and set their own password.

On the Assigned Groups & Roles page, you can add any of the your assigned municipalities to the new users profile (they will automatically be assigned to the municipality you're logged in to). You can do this by checking the box to the left of the municipality you wish to assign in the "Available Groups" box, and by clicking the blue "Add Selected Group(s)"  button.

In the Assigned Groups and Roles box, to the right of the Available Groups box, you have the ability to assign the new user with whichever user level (as high as your own user level) you consider appropriate; per municipality. As a Municipal Administrator, you can assign your new user as either a Municipal User or Municipal Administrator, and each municipality they're assigned to can have a different user role. You can assign roles to your user by selecting the drop-down menu to the right of the Municipalities name and picking the appropriate role.

You can remove an assigned municipality from the users profile by clicking the red "Delete"  button to the left of the Municipality names. 

To save your changes, click the green "Save"  button. To discard your changes, click the yellow "Cancel"  button.