You can Submit your MS-10 ledger by first accessing the ledger from either the primary navigation or from the blue "MS-9 Ledger" button on the dashboard or Home screen, and then by clicking the blue "Submit Ledger"  button along the bottom of the MS-10 Ledger Dashboard table.

If you do not see the "Submit Ledger" button, your account is a "Municipal User" - only a user with the "Municipal Administrator" role can submit ledgers. You will need to have one of the admins log in to the portal and submit the ledger.

The next page begins by summarizing your MS-10 Ledger by Roll Period year, how many Fund Records entered, and the EOY Balance. You are required to include your First Name, Last Name, Date, and that you check the Certification box. The Date must be the current date.

To submit the MS-10 Ledger, click the green "Submit" button on the bottom right corner, or to discard click the yellow "Cancel"  button.

Clicking Submit will send an email to all municipal advisers, notifying them that the ledger has been submitted. bring you back to Home page, and the Filing Status in the MS-10 Report box will changed from "Not Filed" to "Filed", and the "Upload File" button will no longer appear.

Returning to the MS-10 Ledger Dashboard, the interface has changed slightly. The buttons allowing you to Add an Investment, Submit the Ledger, or edit/delete any of the listed investments no longer show and the interface is Read-Only.

Municipal Administrators will also receive and email when the MS-10 Ledger has been returned for correction, and when the state has marked the review process as complete.