To get to the Brokerage Fees & Expenses interface, first access the MS-10 ledger from either the primary navigationor from the blue "MS-10 Ledger"  button on the dashboard or Home screen, then choose the "Brokerage Fees & Expenses" tab.

To add a line to the Brokerage Fees & Expenses list, click the blue "Add Brokerage"  button.

It is required that you at least provide the Firm Name when adding a new line to the Brokerage Fees & Expenses page.

When you've finished entering the required and relevant information to the Brokerage Fees & Expenses, click the green "Save"  button to save the changes and be brought back to the Dashboard, or the yellow "Cancel"  button to discard whichever changes had been made. Clicking "Save" will direct you back to the MS-10 Brokerage Fees & Expenses page, and your new firm will be visible.

To Edit or Delete a Brokerage, click the "downward arrow" in the Actions column, to the left of the Firm Name.