You can add an investment to your MS-10 ledger by first accessing the ledger from either the primary navigationor from the blue "MS-10 Ledger" button on the dashboard or Home screen, and then by clicking the  green "Add Investment" button along the bottom of the MS-10 Ledger Dashboard table. 

When adding an Investment to the MS-10, it is required that you at least provide the Name of Investment and Type of Investment.

When you've entered all required and relevant investment information, click the green "save' button to save the changes made and move on to the next step in the Add Investment process, or the yellow "cancel" button to discard whichever changes had been made.

Clicking the green "Save" button will automatically direct you to the next interface in the Add Investment process.

On this page, you can add information pertaining to the funds' Principle values, to reflect the actual cost of the acquisition or securities, its Income values, or its Principal Only values, to reflect the actual market value of the investmentThis information can always been edited or updated at a later time with the "Edit Investment" option on the main ledger view.

The "Principal Only" section is considered optional. If you do not wish to report values or have not reported these values in the past, you may leave them as zero for 2018.

When you've finished entering the investment information, click thegreen "Save" button to save the changes made, or theyellow "Cancel" button to discard whichever changes had been made. Clicking "Save" will direct you back to the MS-10 Ledger page, and your new fund will be visible.