To view the uploaded files associated with a fund record, click the blue "Instruments" link below the fund type/name/purpose:

You will be taken to the Instruments interface, where you can add an Instrument by click the blue "Add Instrument" button at the bottom left of the page. On the next page, you can add the new Instrument by using the "Browse" button to search for the file on your computer, add a description for the Instrument, and finally click the green "Save" button to retain the file, or the yellow "Cancel" button to discard your changes entirely.

You can Edit the description, View the file, or Delete any Instrument by clicking the "Actions" (downward arrow) button to the left of the Instrument description.

Once a ledger has been submitted to the state for review, the instruments are read-only. They can be viewed but can not be edited or deleted and no new instruments can be added. Instruments will "follow" the fund they are associated with when the ledger is rolled.