You can get to the MS-9 Ledger Home from either the primary navigation or from the blue "MS-9 Ledger"  button on the Home screen. The MS-9 Ledger Home will display each fund entry in a summary table, and has functions for searching for, editing, deleting, and adding funds for the MS-9.

You can view the information of each fund from the Home Page by clicking the title of the fund, which will expand the fund in the table to display more about the fund. Expanding the fund also presents additional options per fund: to add Instruments, Edit the Fund, Update the Values, or Delete the Fund.

MS-9 Fund Glossary
BOY Balance
The Balance for the fund at the Beginning of the Year.
New Funds
Any new funds created during the reporting period.
Unrealized Gains
Unrealized Gains during the reporting period.
Realized Gains
Realized Gains made on sales of securities received during the reporting period.
Cash Capital Gains
Cash Capital Gain dividends received during the reporting period.
Withdrawals made during the reporting period.
EOY Fair Value
The principal balance at the end of the reporting year.
EOY Balance
The amount of income received during the year.
The income account of each trust fund.
The amount of income withdrawn and expended during the year for authorized purposes;

Along the bottom of the MS-9 Ledger Home are three buttons, to Add a Fund, Submit the Ledger, and finally to export the MS-9 Report into a number of formats. Note that if you are intending to import data into the portal from your own spreadsheet, you can export a CSV of the MS-9 report with the appropriate format and contents for the import process. For more information about the CSV files and the import process, click here.

Searching & Filtering

Use the "Type" and "Purpose" drop-down menus on the upper left side of the MS-9 Ledger Dashboard to filter the Fund entries down to a specific type and/or purpose.

Use the search bar on the upper right side of the MS-9 Ledger Dashboard to search for the specific funds name by entering the name into the search bar and clicking the green magnifying glass , or clear your results and the search bar by clicking the grey "X" button .