The DOJ has rolled out a new version of the MS-9 as of July 1, 2023. This article has been updated to reflect those changes. If your fund details do not look like the screenshots below (for example, you do not see a "Market" section), you are still on the "old" version of the MS-9 and should contact support to arrange to be migrated to the "new" version.

Accessing the MS-9 Ledger

There are two ways to access your MS-9 ledger:

  1. Click "Trust Funds (MS-9)" on the site's main menu
  2. Click the blue "Ledger" button on the MS-9 panel on the home page

The MS-9 Ledger Interface

  1. The Breadcrumbs are links which change based on where you are in the portal. You can use them to navigate "back" to different pages.
  2. The "Type", "Purpose", and "Investment Method" Dropdowns allow you to filter the funds that you can see in your ledger.
  3. The "Search" Box lets you enter text and clicking the green button to the right will filter your ledger to just those records whose names contain that text. Clicking the grey icon to the far right clears the current search term and "resets" your view of the ledger to show all records.
  4. The Funds Table displays your fund records as individual rows. Here you can see the type, the fund name, the purpose, and to the far right, the end-of-year fund balance for each record. Clicking one of these rows will expand it to show you more information (see below).
  5. The Ledger Total provides the total end-of-year balance of all of the fund records in your MS-9 ledger.
  6. The Action Buttons at the bottom left allow you to take different actions. Note that not all of these will be available at all times (see below).
  7. The Pagination Controls allow you to skip to different pages of the ledger.

Expanding Fund Records

Clicking on a row of the table will expand the details for that fund:

Note that the fields here are read-only. To make changes, you need to click on "Update Values".

When expanded, you can view the financial details for the record and you can take the following actions against that record by clicking the links below the fund's type/name/purpose row:

  • Instruments - attach files and documents to the fund or view existing attachments.
  • Edit Fund - update the fund's name, type, purpose, investment method, or date of creation. This link is not available once the ledger has been submitted.
  • Update Values - update the financial details for the fund. This link is not available once the ledger has been submitted.
  • Delete Fund - remove the fund from the ledger. This link is not available once the ledger has been submitted.

More information about the terminology for the fund's values can be found in this article: MS-9 Terminology.

Ledger Actions

The buttons at the bottom of the ledger allow you to take different actions:

  • Add Fund will allow you to add new fund records to your MS-9 ledger (see Add Fund). This button is not available if the ledger has already been submitted.
  • Submit Ledger allows you to submit the MS-9 to the NH DOJ for review (see Submitting the MS-9 Ledger). Only administrators have access to this button.
  • MS-9 Report is a dropdown menu that will allow you to generate different versions of the MS-9 report.