Home Page

After you log in, you will be immediately taken to the home page which should appear as so:

A short report of both the MS-9 and MS-10 ledgers are shown on the home page. 

This summary will begin by listing the Filing Status, which can be any of the following:

  • Not Filed: Ledger has not been submitted for review
  • Review Pending: Ledger has been submitted but review process not started
  • Under Review: Ledger review process started
  • Review Complete: Ledger review process completed, ledger has been rolled to following year.

Below that is current number of records that have been entered into either ledger.

And finally, the Last Roll Date will show the date that the previous years ledger review was completed, and signify that the ledger was rolled into a new period.

Below the statuses for each ledger, there are three buttons. The blue "MS-9 Ledger"  and "MS-10 Ledger"  buttons will direct you to the interface for entering, editing, deleting, and submitting funds or investments into either ledger. Beside that, the individual report buttons  will allow you to export either report in various formats (.pdf, .xls, and .docx). Finally, the "Import File"  button will allow you to upload a .csv file with records into the ledger.

On the top left of the home page are two drop-down menus that allow you to choose between different years and whichever multiple entities you're assigned to and be brought to the selected entity and years' dashboard (as indicated on in the entity title bar on the left, above the drop-down menus):