To request an extension for your MS-1, on the landing page, click the "Request" button. You can request an extension as often or as many times as you need -  a new extension request will supersede your last extension, making your most recent one the only active request per municipality.

On the extension page, please select a reason (1) for the extension and the date (2) you wish to submit your final MS-1. If you choose "Administrative" or "Other", it is required that you provide an explanation (3) to these reasons. Otherwise, providing an explanation is optional. 

Click "Submit" (4) when you are ready to submit your request, an email will be sent to all administrators to notify them of your request. You may click "Cancel" (5) at any time to cancel the request and return the the MS-1 landing page.

On the landing page you can see the status of your request displayed as a hyperlink. You can click this to review your request at any time. Alternatively you can make another request and over-ride your current one even if the status of that current request is "pending", "Denied", or "Approved".

When an administrator approves or denies your request, you will be sent an email. You can review the comments and granted extension date (if applicable) by returning the the current request (clicking the status). There you will notice a new section has appeared displaying the granted date and comments. 

On the bottom of the page is a historic log of the requests made for that municipality. Should you decide to supersede your request and created a new one, the superseded request will be logged in this table.

Are there any forms to send in or do the selectmen need to sign the extension request?
No - there are no additional forms and no signatures are required. The extension is submitted in the portal and reviewed there by the DRA.