The Tax Rate Setting Process contains five "phases" that require review and approval by NHDRA personnel: Pre-Review (optional), Appropriations Review, Revenue Review, Financial Review, and Tax Rate Setting. Each phase has one or more requirements that must be met before it is flagged as "ready" and NHDRA personnel can complete their end of the process. The requirements may be the entry and submission of data or the uploading of attachments. These requirements vary by entity type. The following tables give an overview of the requirements for each phase.


An entity is flagged as "ready" for a pre-review once at least one warrant article or resolution has been drafted and the user has clicked the "Request Pre-Review" button (See: The Pre-Review Process).

Appropriations Review

An entity is ready for an appropriations review when the following have been submitted or uploaded (See: articles on The Proposed Budget and Voted Appropriations).

RequirementTypeDue DateTown/CitySchoolVillageCounty
Proposed BudgetSubmission-MS-636, MS-737, MS-6CMS-26, MS-27, MS-26CMS-636, MS-737-
Budget as PostedUpload20 days after meetingMS-BAPMS-BAPMS-BAP-
Warrant/Resolution as PostedUpload20 days after meetingMS-TW/MS-RAPMS-SWP/MS-RAPMS-VW-
Meeting MinutesUpload20 days after meetingMS-MMMS-MMMS-MMMS-CDM
Report of Appropriations VotedSubmission20 days after meetingMS-232MS-22MS-232MS-42
Signed Appropriations as VotedUpload20 days after meetingMS-232SMS-22SMS-232SMS-42S

The following are only required for SB2 entities:

RequirementTypeDue DateTown/CitySchoolVillageCounty
Deliberative Session MinutesUpload20 days after meetingMS-DSMMS-DSMMS-DSM-
Certified Counts/Ballot MinutesUpload20 days after meetingMS-CCMS-CCMS-CC-
Official Ballot SampleUpload20 days after meetingMS-OBMS-OBMS-OB-

Financial Review

An entity is read for a financial review when the following have been submitted or uploaded (See: The MS-535 Submission Process).

RequirementTypeDue DateTown/CitySchoolVillageCounty
Financial ReportSubmissionApr 1 (Sep 1 for FY)MS-535-MS-535-
Signed Financial ReportUploadApr 1 (Sep 1 for FY)MS-535-SMS-25MS-535-SMS-45
Tax Collector's ReportUploadMar 1 (Sep 1 for FY)MS-61---

Revenue Review

An entity is ready for a revenue review when the following have been submitted or uploaded (See: Entering the Revised Estimated Revenues)

RequirementTypeDue DateTown/CitySchoolVillageCounty
Revised Estimated RevenuesSubmissionSep 1MS-434MS-24MS-434-
Signed Revised Est. RevenuesUploadSep 1MS-434-SMS-24-SMS-434-S-

Tax Rate Setting

An entity is ready for the initial tax rate to be calculated when the following have been submitted and any associated entities, such as schools or village districts, have met all requirements up to this point (See: Tax Rate Setting).

RequirementTypeDue DateTown/CitySchoolVillageCounty
Total Assessed ValueUploadSep 1MS-1-MS-1V-