This section of the MS-1 is only applicable to municipalities. It is not displayed for village districts.


Select whether the Municipality uses the NHDRA to appraise/establish the Utility Value, or another company (1). You may add up to four additional lines if the Municipality uses multiple individuals or companies (2). If "NHDRA" is selected, you will need to specify whether the municipality uses the DRA Utility Values Only (3), and if so, if the municipality is equalized by the ratio (4). Below this is the calculated totals of all Section A utilities, and of all Section B utilities (5). These are the total assessed valuations from the respective utility tabs.

Section A Utilities: Electric, Gas, and Water

On each of the Section A Utility tabs (Electric, Gas, and Water), you may add lines as needed, up to a maximum of ten entries per utility company type. For each line, select the name of the company from the dropdown menu. This menu contains the NHDRA-approved company names. After selecting a name, the application will automatically populate the DRA Value field. If no value appears, either the DRA has not yet provided the current year valuation for the company for your municipality or you have selected the wrong utility company. In the "Assessed Value" field, enter the assessed valuation for the company. Note that you can only have one line per company. 

As you enter values, or whenever you wish to check the totals for the tab that you are on, you can click   to have the application update the totals displayed at the bottom of the page. 

In the screenshot below, three of the utility companies do not have DRA values in the database. This will not prevent you from proceeding as these DRA values are for reference only, however you must enter an Assessed Value for each utility company.

Section B: Other

The Other Companies tab allows you to enter Assessed Values for any companies not tracked by the NHDRA. For each line, up to a maximum of ten, you must provide the name of the company or entity and the assessed value.