The Questions Interface was designed as a tool for the DRA and municipalities to correspond about specific transactions. This section of the program works much like a message board. A notification in green on the home screen stating "Pending Questions Available" will be visible if the DRA has posed questions to the municipality regarding certain verno's. To view the questions users can select the "Questions" button or tab to go to the Questions Home Screen.

By default questions are minimized. To expand a question, select the green plus sign to the far left of each record.

After expanding the record, the questions posed by the DRA will be visible. To respond simply click the "Add Reply" link on the bottom right of the question.

Jump to Sales Information - To view data about the sale, select the "Sale Record" link in blue on the far right of the record.

Mark as Unread - To leave the question in an "Unread" status, select the "Mark as Unread" button at the bottom right of the record.

Question Status - Questions can have two different types of statuses, Pending and Complete. A Pending status means that the DRA has not concurred that the question has been answered fully. Once a question is answered to the DRA's satisfaction, they will change the status to Complete.

I can't reply to questions - I click "Reply" but nothing happens!
If you are on the Questions tab and clicking "Reply" does not make a text field appear, you may may have encountered a bug that exists in some web browsers. To fix this, set your browser zoom level back to 100% - hold down Ctrl and press 0 (zero), then refresh the page.