The sales export utility allows municipalities to validate sales within the Mosaic Property Tax Equalization system prior to doing data entry into their CAMA systems. Users may, at any point, generate a sales export from Mosaic to by uploaded into their CAMA software thus eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. CAMA vendors have been made aware of this functionality and are working to accommodate this single data entry into their systems. Please contact your CAMA vendor, or T2, for more information on uploading sales from Mosaic. This export may also be useful for providing verified sales data to other entities. To download verified sales, simply click the "Continue" button to the right of "Export Verified Sales". This will download all verified sales from the selected EQ year into your Downloads folder. If you cannot find the sales list export you can search for SalesListExport.csv on your computer by clicking on the Start Menu and typing SalesListExport.csv into the search box at the bottom.