The utilities section allows town users to upload their CAMA database export. Clicking on the "Continue" button next to "Upload Data" will bring up a file upload interface. Click "Select File" and browse for your CAMA export file and click "OK". If you have not previously generated an export file, see below for CAMA system-specific instructions.

Instructions for Vision 6.4 and 6.5

  1. Download the appropriate WRP file for your version of Vision:
  2. Move the downloaded WRP file to your Vision 6 installation folder (usually this is "C:\Vision6\")
  3. In Vision, go to Reports in the navigation tree and select Report Wizard
  4. Select Open
  5. Browse to your Vision 6 installation folder where you place the WRP file
  6. Click on NHDRA_V6.4.wrp and click OK
  7. On the next screen ("Tables") click the Back button
  8. Click CSV Data File
  9. Click Next three times until you reach the Selection Criteria screen
  10. Click Finish
  11. Save the file to your Vision 6 folder as TownName_MMDDYY.csv (e.g. Concord's June 15, 2018 export would be "Concord_061518.csv")
  12. Once the stop sign disappears, the CSV file is ready and should be in your Vision 6 folder. Upload this CSV file to the portal.