Do not attempt to print a report directly from your web browser - see below under "Saving & Printing Reports"

Reports appear throughout the application as a way of allowing you to view and save data in formats that you can manipulate (e.g. Excel spreadsheets) or use for printing and distribution (e.g. Adobe PDF files). Many high-level annual reports can be run from the "Reports" tab (e.g. the Sales List and a report of Questions), while others are accessed via buttons or links in related interfaces (e.g. the Ratio Study reports are found on the "Ratio Study" interface).

Using the Reports Tab

Some types of annual or system-level reports can be run directly from the "Reports" tab by first selecting an entity, then a year, then an appropriate report, and finally by clicking "Run Report".

Viewing Reports

When you run a report, it is initially displayed in your browser so that you can preview the contents. In the browser, you will see a toolbar (1) and the report itself (2). Some reports may be shown in a new tab/window or in a pop-up window.

The toolbar has a number of functions: page navigation (1), search (2), save/export (3), and refresh (4).

Saving & Printing Reports

To save (and ultimately print) a report, use the Save/Export button on the toolbar (3). Clicking this button will display a menu of available formats. Selecting a format will download the report, in that format, to your computer. To print, open the downloaded file and print from within that application (e.g. Adobe Reader for PDF, Microsoft Word for DOCX).